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This Saturday my husband gave me the best surprise ever – he brought me to The Scooper Bowl!!!

New York City was the first stop on the Scooper Bowl World Tour this year. I have never heard of it until this weekend, but I feel like it is something more people need to know about! The Scooper Bowl is the nation’s largest All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Festival. I mean, they had me at “all-you-can-eat ice cream” and they sealed the deal when they said it was all for an amazing cause. The proceeds for The Scooper Bowl benefit the Jimmy Fund, which supports pediatric and adult cancer care and research at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and pediatric care at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. This festival made our tummies happy from trying ice cream from some of the most amazing creameries, and it made our hearts happy to be an active part in the Jimmy Fund’s mission to help fight cancer.

The weather this Saturday afternoon was absolutely perfect – it was sunny and 75! I decided to draw inspiration from all of the colorful ice cream festivities and put on this brightly striped top and some gum-ball lips. Zach later pointed out to me that this top more-so resembled the Zebra Fruit Stripe Gum from back in the day (which it totally does) but I didn’t care! When we arrived, we were given one spoon each as we entered The Scooper Bowl festival. They stressed the fact that we had to make sure to hold on to our spoons because it was the only one we would get. Zach accidentally threw away his spoon with his first sample and I scolded him so bad! Shortly after our second sample, I accidentally threw mine away as well and I shrieked as I watched it fall to the bottom of the trash can. We were such dummies…but don’t worry, that didn’t stop us from continuing to eat more ice cream! I also totally forgot the battery to my camera when we went to the festival, so we had to shoot a few outfit photos post ice-cream-coma nap haha. That may explain why all of my curls are flattened out in the back of my head on some photos – whoops!!!  Either way, I will forever remember this amazing day with my husband. We ran around Bryant Park like two little kids as we went from stand to stand and ate all of the ice cream that our little tummies could handle. I think it’s safe to say that we already can’t wait to go again next year. I think you all should check out their site here to see if maybe you can join in the festivities as well!

xo, Jordie

S H O P  M Y  L O O K

Top – J.Crew (Similar). Jeans. Shoes.

Foundation. Lips “Gumball”. Mascara.

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This is me in an ice-cream-coma…still dreaming about more cones haha

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