| Staying On Time With JORD |

| Staying On Time With JORD + Giveaway!!! |

Sometimes I wish that time could just stand still.

If you know me, then you know that I am constantly running late. It’s not a quality that I am particularly proud of, so it has been a continuous “work in progress”. I feel like I have tried everything from waking up earlier in the morning to being more organized about my time, but for some reason nothing seems to work. I always find myself asking “what time is it now?” and “when do we HAVE to leave?” or “I just need 5 more minutes!” I’m sure my husband knows these lines all too well haha.

After many trials and tribulations of trying to find new ways to be on time, I think I found a simple solution – wearing a watch. If I can carry time around with me, it is easier for me to stay present in the moment. I am easily distracted (which usually leads to me being late) so having a constant reminder of if i’m staying on schedule at my fingertips is so helpful! I know that this all should’ve hit me long before, but I never thought that I could be a “watch person”. I have skinny little wrists, so nothing ever fits correctly and I am easily annoyed by bulky jewelry. I knew that if I was going to try out a watch, it couldn’t just be any watch.

And that’s when JORD Wood Watches came in to my life.

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