| #TeamIndigo |


| Photo via the Anthropologie Blog |

Hello, lovelies! I’m back, and this time I am talking all about the hottest new trend this spring – dressing head to toe in monochromatic colors! Two of the biggest color pallets heading up this trend are white and indigo. The question is, what team are you on?

A few weeks ago the Anthropologie Blog did a post on how to style both of these monochromatic pallets. With this trend becoming such a hot commodity in the fashion world, it seems like there is no shortage of all the different styles of denim, chambray, and white garments that can be mixed and matched together. I personally am a fan of both teams, but I lean more towards #TeamIndigo. Why, you may ask? Because the white team doesn’t necessarily agree with me. I don’t know if it’s because of how clumsy I am or the fact that I’m extremely unlucky, but whenever I wear white I never seem to fail to ruin whatever it is I am wearing. When I choose to rock an all white outfit I find myself constantly stressing over whether or not I sat on some chocolate or slurped my spaghetti noodles up too aggressively. I really wish I could do it, but sometimes it just seems impossible for me. I am still embracing you #TeamWhite, but for now #TeamIndigo and I have something pretty special going on :)

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| One Sweater, Four Ways |


1 Sweater 4 Ways

Like most people, when it comes to clothes, I am on a bit of a budget. Ever since I jumped in to the real world of having to pay for bills, gas, and my own phone, I can no longer freely spend all of my money on fabulous clothes and makeup. I actually have to start saving for big kid stuff now…boo. With that said, I now try to look for pieces that I know will have a lot of versatility. I want to be able to spend money on articles of clothing the I can incorporate in to my existing wardrobe and the wardrobe I hope to have someday. A recent piece I purchased that has EXTREME versatility is this amazing moss green sweater. I was immediately drawn to it because of the unique faded color, but then it sealed the deal when I felt how amazingly soft and light it was. A piece like this is so versatile because it can be layered in almost every way possible – above other layers, below other layers, or even tied around your waist. In order to get your creative juices flowing, I created a little look book on how to wear this one sweater, four ways.

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