| Five to Try // Gingham |

| Five to Try // Gingham |

Gingham. Gingham. Gingham.

You guys, it is absolutely everywhere (in stores and in my closet haha). You may have noticed yourself that this picnic-inspired print is popping up in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. I have personally been on my own gingham kick lately. While I was searching for something to wear the other day, I noticed that I now own a piece in almost every single color. I just need something in green and in purple and I will have officially completed the gingham rainbow! Not only does this fun print SCREAM summer, but it has been transformed in to pieces that could be incorporated in to anyone’s wardrobe. Go ahead and continue to read below to see some of my top picks in this pattern right now!

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| Hoppy Easter |


I know it’s a few days late, but I hope that all of you had an amazing Easter Sunday. My Easter this year was a little different than most years, but it sure was great. This was the first year in my entire life that I did not spend Easter with my family. I know that I am extremely lucky to always have my family by my side during the holidays, but that also means it hit a lot harder not having them around this Easter. What did make this Easter particularly special though was the fact that I got to spend it with my new family of two – just my handsome fiancé and me. We spent the holy holiday in New York City in our cute little studio apartment. Though we were away from family, we were so excited to explore this holiday on our own and to start some new traditions that we could share together.

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| Super Women |


Happy International Women’s Day to all of you beautiful ladies!

Today is a day to support women, encourage women, empower women, and to inspire the change for equality. While scrolling through social media today, my heart felt full as I saw all of the uplifting and powerful messages from women all around the world. In a matter of hours I had never felt so inspired by all of the wonderful women around me. That feeling alone was one of the most powerful and positive things I have felt in awhile. I sat there and thought to myself, “Wow, what if things were like this every day? I don’t think I could even imagine how much more wonderful this life would be.” On this day we have come together, set aside our differences, empowered each other, and celebrated what it is to be strong, beautiful, and courageous women. I can only hope that I wasn’t the only one to notice this change today – a new feeling of being completely supported and loved by each and every woman alike.

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| Give Me Sun |


Give me warmth. Give me spring. Give me sun.

Spring will officially be here in just a few weeks, and our Minnesota weather is finally starting to show it! Today as I dressed to go run some errands, I originally bundled up in some jeans, a sweater, and a cozy winter jacket. When I stepped outside and looked up at the cloudy sky I was just waiting for that cold Minnesota breeze to bite at my face. After a few seconds passed by, I realized that the cool feeling never hit. Instead, my body was covered with a warmth I hadn’t felt in months. The air actually felt balmy. It felt like a warm spring day right before a thunderstorm was about to roll in. I was literally in a state of shock. I remember hearing that warmer weather was around the corner, but I completely forgot what “warm weather” felt like. And boy, did it feel good.

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| #TeamIndigo |


| Photo via the Anthropologie Blog |

Hello, lovelies! I’m back, and this time I am talking all about the hottest new trend this spring – dressing head to toe in monochromatic colors! Two of the biggest color pallets heading up this trend are white and indigo. The question is, what team are you on?

A few weeks ago the Anthropologie Blog did a post on how to style both of these monochromatic pallets. With this trend becoming such a hot commodity in the fashion world, it seems like there is no shortage of all the different styles of denim, chambray, and white garments that can be mixed and matched together. I personally am a fan of both teams, but I lean more towards #TeamIndigo. Why, you may ask? Because the white team doesn’t necessarily agree with me. I don’t know if it’s because of how clumsy I am or the fact that I’m extremely unlucky, but whenever I wear white I never seem to fail to ruin whatever it is I am wearing. When I choose to rock an all white outfit I find myself constantly stressing over whether or not I sat on some chocolate or slurped my spaghetti noodles up too aggressively. I really wish I could do it, but sometimes it just seems impossible for me. I am still embracing you #TeamWhite, but for now #TeamIndigo and I have something pretty special going on :)

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