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| Staying On Time With JORD + Giveaway!!! |

Sometimes I wish that time could just stand still.

If you know me, then you know that I am constantly running late. It’s not a quality that I am particularly proud of, so it has been a continuous “work in progress”. I feel like I have tried everything from waking up earlier in the morning to being more organized about my time, but for some reason nothing seems to work. I always find myself asking “what time is it now?” and “when do we HAVE to leave?” or “I just need 5 more minutes!” I’m sure my husband knows these lines all too well haha.

After many trials and tribulations of trying to find new ways to be on time, I think I found a simple solution – wearing a watch. If I can carry time around with me, it is easier for me to stay present in the moment. I am easily distracted (which usually leads to me being late) so having a constant reminder of if i’m staying on schedule at my fingertips is so helpful! I know that this all should’ve hit me long before, but I never thought that I could be a “watch person”. I have skinny little wrists, so nothing ever fits correctly and I am easily annoyed by bulky jewelry. I knew that if I was going to try out a watch, it couldn’t just be any watch.

And that’s when JORD Wood Watches came in to my life.

Their timepieces are unlike any other I’ve ever seen – the beauty of these wood watches alone was enough to captivate me. When it comes to my personal style, I am drawn to pieces that truly stand out. For me, a watch wouldn’t work unless it made a statement. I wouldn’t want it to disappear on my wrist, I would want a reason to look down and really notice it. That in itself would keep me present. That would keep me on time. And a stand-out piece is exactly what I got with this amazing Reece Zebrawood & Emerald wood watch by JORD.

I mean, how crazy is it that their watches are made from REAL wood!? Each time piece is created using one of the thirteen natural woods that JORD has to offer. The handcrafted wood timepieces are also extremely lightweight and durable. In addition to their stand-out style, you can also have your watch personalized with engraving and customize your wrist size at checkout! This was a huge deal for me because I had mentioned that I have extremely small wrists. When I received my JORD watch in the mail, I was blown away by how perfectly it fit. They even provide a printable wrist measuring tool on their website, which makes getting your correct wrist measurement  extremely easy.

Since receiving this watch, I have to admit that I actually am becoming more punctual. I have also upped my accessory game a few notches, so I am extremely excited about haha. I also feel like it’s kind of fitting to be wearing a JORD wooden watch when my name is Jordie. It looks like it was all truly meant to be.

Now for the fun part!!! I have teamed up with JORD to give YOU the chance to have one of these wooden beauties in your life. One lucky winner will receive a $100 credit towards a unique watch of their own. Each person who participates will also receive a consolidation code for a $25 credit just for entering – so technically everyone is a winner here! And guys, don’t you worry because your entries count too. JORD has a whole line of Men’s watches, so feel free to get in on the giveaway action. To enter, all you have to do is fill out the simple entry form here. Be sure to take advantage of the additional entry opportunity by sharing your personal Instagram handle to increase your chances of winning!

Don’t forget to enter HERE! The giveaway will end on 07/30/2017 at 11:59pm. Good luck :)



S H O P  M Y  W A T C H

Zebrawood & Emerald Wood Watch

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