| One Year Anniversary |

| One Year Anniversary |

| All giddy during our first look |

This past Sunday, Zach and I celebrated our  O N E  year wedding anniversary. Not only have we made it through a year of marriage, but we have also made it through a year of living in NYC as newly weds. They say that if you make it through either of those things separately, you can make it through anything. I guess that means we are extra prepared to conquer whatever life throws at us (but I already knew that as long as I have my loving husband by my side). To be honest, instead of this year being the hardest, I actually thought it was the most fun. This year was about focusing on our relationship and growing as one. It was about savoring the simple things – our Sunday night walks, adding new broadway playbills to our growing collection, and watching old school Batman cartoons on the couch while eating popsicles. It’s been fun to see both of us take on this new role as husband and wife. We have grown so much in the last year and continue to teach each other how to love fearlessly and support one another through good times and bad. I could never repay Zach for how much joy and light that he brings in to my life…but I look forward to trying for many more years to come! I thought it would be fun to share a small glimpse into our first year of marriage with a few questions we both answered separately. Enjoy :)

1. One year out, is there a moment from your wedding that stands out the most?

Jordan: Honestly, each moment from that day stands out in the most beautiful way. Every single second was perfect. If I had to pick something (besides our first look or our vows) there was a very specific moment that is so strong that I can actually feel it to this day. At one point during our reception, Zach and I stood up to give a toast. In that instance, time froze as I looked before me and saw the faces of every single person that we have ever held dear to our hearts in all walks of life. I was the first to speak, but I was so overwhelmed with emotion that all I could do was burst in to tears. Through my sobs I could only get out a few words, but I meant every single one of them. I thanked everyone for coming to celebrate our love and told them how blessed we felt to have them all in one place at one time. I then followed that with “could we please just do this every weekend!?” haha…if only that were possible. I will never forget that moment and how it felt to be surrounded by everyone we have ever loved, admired, respected, and cherished. I have added a few photos of that very moment below!

Zach: Our first dance is one of my favorite wedding memories. It was the first time we really had a chance to slow down and take in the moment together.

2. Any favorite traditions?

J: One of my favorite traditions is Chipotle Sunday. We can’t really pinpoint when this began, but every Sunday we make a point to eat dinner at Chipotle! It seems silly, but for some reason it is so special to me. Not only do I have a delicious meal to look forward to every week, but it also guarantees some quality time with Zach as we take an evening walk to and from Chipotle and talk about our plans for the week ahead.

I also love his tradition of kissing my head before he leaves for work every morning (even though I am still sound asleep) and my tradition of giving him a kiss the second I walk in the door after work :)

Z: Chipotle Sundays! It’s always a great way to wrap up our weekend.

3. What’s the best dish the other person makes?

J: That’s a tough one. Zach has gotten quite good at cooking and in the last year has added a lot of spectacular dishes to his repertoire. I will say that he does get a lot of practice since he gets off work long before me, so he has some time to prep and prepare meals to be ready right when I get home after a long day (I know, I am a lucky girl). I’m going to go with a three-way tie between his BBQ ribs, his honey glazed salmon with lemon, and his simple dish of ground chicken and fried peppers.

Z: When we were on our Whole 30 diet, she learned how to make a really good and healthy beef and broccoli dish.

4. What’s your favorite look for each other?

J: I adore Zach’s “weekend look”. It typically involves his messy, slept-in hair (specifically when it’s long, curly, and wild), a grey or olive green v-neck tee (which brings out his dreamy hazel eyes), and a pair of worn-in jeans. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

Z: She looks great in anything, but I like when her hair is in a bun and she’s in her favorite flannel pajamas.

5. What about marriage were you not expecting?

J: I honestly wasn’t expecting it to feel any different. Zach and I have been together quite awhile and we had been living together, so I sort of felt like I already had a good understanding of what married life would feel like. I didn’t realize how drastically the shift from being connected by a relationship to being committed for life would be. It created a stronger sense of responsibility not only to Zach, but to everything around me – our life, our relationship, our financials, and our future plans. I am also still getting use to having a different last name. That hit especially hard on our honeymoon as we went through the motions at the airport as a family instead of two separate people. Something about that still makes me feel all fuzzy inside :)

Z: I wasn’t expecting the amount of outfit of the day photos I’d be expected to capture for Instagram.

6. How do you keep things fresh?

J: I think our opposite work schedules tend to keep things fresh. Zach goes in to work quite early, so I always have a little time to myself in the morning. The same goes for him, as I usually get home well after he gets off of work. This not only gives us each a little time to ourselves every day, but it also creates a longing to want to be with each other once we are finally together. Because of this, weekends have become extremely important to us. We usually try to find a new adventure to go on while also giving ourselves a day to be completely lazy!

Z: We always have a plan for the upcoming weekend. It gives us something to look forward to and gets us out of the apartment.

7. Something you don’t see eye-to-eye on? 

J: Zach is a complete germ freak and most of the time I could care less. He is one of those people who won’t touch a pole on the subway, puts on hand sanitizer about 100 times a day, and does not believe in the 3-second rule. I on the other hand have a horrible habit of biting my nails, roll my eyes when he reminds me to wash my hands before touching anything once I get home, and will eat a day old gummy worm off of our apartment floor and not think twice about it.

Z: The need to spend an entire Sunday watching football. Go Dolphins!

8. Things the other person can’t live without?

J: Zach can’t live without black coffee, anything Apple branded, Ryan Tannehill from the Miami Dolphins, his Burt’s Bees chapstick, and a personal hand sanitizer that stays with him wherever he goes.

Z: Cheese, YouTube makeup tutorials, moscato. In that order.

9. Your favorite thing about being married in NYC?

J: I love that we will never run out of adventures to go on. We have been living here for over a year now and have barely scratched the surface when in comes to new things to do and try together! I love living in a city full of “firsts” for us. There is nothing better than experiencing something with someone you love for the first time. It is so fun to create our own little memories together and sometimes start new traditions by doing so!

Z: We have an endless amount of date options. There’s always something new to try in the city.

10. What’s one piece of advice you would give a couple looking to get married? 

J: My advice is even after you get married, never stop doing “the little things.” When it comes down to it, loving relationships are about mutual respect and admiration for each other. You should always remember to say ‘thank you’ when little tasks are completed, and truly be excited to see one another each morning or night. You should also continue to pretend like you are still in the “dating” phase of your relationship. Don’t be afraid to bring home flowers just because, to plan a special date night on a Friday, or to leave a little love note on their bathroom mirror in morning to let them know that they are looking fine!

Z: Marry your best friend and learn to compromise. Also, surprise them with breakfast in bed.

| All of these lovely photos are thanks to Flow Event Group |