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1 Sweater 4 Ways

Like most people, when it comes to clothes, I am on a bit of a budget. Ever since I jumped in to the real world of having to pay for bills, gas, and my own phone, I can no longer freely spend all of my money on fabulous clothes and makeup. I actually have to start saving for big kid stuff now…boo. With that said, I now try to look for pieces that I know will have a lot of versatility. I want to be able to spend money on articles of clothing the I can incorporate in to my existing wardrobe and the wardrobe I hope to have someday. A recent piece I purchased that has EXTREME versatility is this amazing moss green sweater. I was immediately drawn to it because of the unique faded color, but then it sealed the deal when I felt how amazingly soft and light it was. A piece like this is so versatile because it can be layered in almost every way possible – above other layers, below other layers, or even tied around your waist. In order to get your creative juices flowing, I created a little look book on how to wear this one sweater, four ways.

| The Preppy Girl |

The Preppy Girl

| The Sporty Girl |

The Sporty Girl

| The Girly Girl |

The Girly Girl

| The Edgy Girl |

The Edgy Girl

I hope you enjoyed these looks. I challenge you to try creating a few different looks with one of your most versatile pieces in your wardrobe too. You might be amazed at how many different looks you can achieve with just a few simple pieces. And remember to like my Facebook page here for more updates on what’s going on with Pasta & Pearls. Also, feel free to tag me in your own layering ideas on Instagram (@jordie.hope)!!! I always love getting inspired by others unique fashion sense.


The Preppy Girl: | Button Up | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Bow |

The Sporty Girl: | Shirt | Leather Joggers | Necklace | Shoes |

The Girly Girl: | Shirt | Dress – Similar | Heels | Necklace | Headband | Lipgloss |

The Edgy Girl: | Shirt | Overalls – Similar | Shoes – Similar | Lipstick |

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