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Christmas in New York.

Oh, how sweet that sounds. I have been counting down the days for December to hit so it would be socially acceptable to start getting in to the holiday spirit. I have never been in the Big Apple during the holidays, but I already know that I’m going to love it. The city is buzzing with joy and almost every street corner is covered in twinkling lights and holiday decor! Where ever I go, I literally feel like I’m walking through a Lifetime Holiday movie set.

This weekend Zach and I finally got to start making our little studio apartment feel a lot more cozy. The first order of business? Getting a Christmas tree! Like most things in New York City, you usually have to do traditional things in a very non-traditional way – like shopping for your freshly cut Christmas tree on a busy street corner. I was worried that getting our tree this way wouldn’t be as special (because I am use to going to a tree farm and cutting down a tree myself) but New York always has a way of surprising me. To make things extra festive, Zach and I slipped on our festive sweaters and grabbed a fresh cup of coco in the infamous Starbucks red cups.

We started looking down the long row of trees, and almost immediately one stood out. We didn’t have to look any further because we had found our perfect little tree. As Zach would say, “It is Jordie-sized” and is going to be the perfect fit in our teeny tiny apartment. The lovely staff packed it up for us, Zach threw it over his shoulder, and we proudly walked back home! Let me tell you, it’s kind of a funny site seeing people walking down the street and taking the Subway with a Christmas tree in hand – but like I said, that’s New York! I can’t wait to get our ornaments and tree skirt in the mail so that we can start to decorate. I also can’t wait to keep making new traditions this Holiday as a married couple :)

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