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Spring has officially arrived in the city and I couldn’t be happier – even if that means having 5 million rainy days in a row. I feel like I may never truly be able to pick my favorite season amongst the rest, but there is something really special about the arrival of Spring. It is so fascinating to see how everything that was once dead seems to come back to life over night. One day I am looking outside my window and staring at sad, naked trees and the next morning, little green buds are blooming on each and every branch. Spring is a time of new beginnings and a time to remind us that we can have a fresh start and will continue to grow – no matter what the circumstances.

Living in New York City sometimes makes it hard to really appreciate the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer since it has basically been consumed by everything not-so-natural. Besides Central Park, the cute little flower stands on every corner, and random trees sprouting from the sidewalk, this place truly is a concrete jungle. Sometimes I forget that real grass even exists as I walk down the city streets.

This past Easter Sunday, we decided to take a walk through a park near our apartment. It was so refreshing to see trees for as far as you could see, the green grass that was fighting to make an appearance again, the beautiful cherry blossom trees, and the water that separates Manhattan from New Jersey. I could feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and the crisp, cool air tousling  my hair in every which way. It just felt right. Once again, I felt grounded. In this moment I truly did feel the sky above me, the Earth below me, and the fire within me.

In leu of Earth Day, this burning desire grew even stronger to connect with the world around me. Once again, I felt the need to go out of my way to really care for it and appreciate it. I must admit that lately I have become kind of lazy when it comes to these things, and that is not okay. Sometimes we take the Earth for granted and forget that this is the only one we have. I want to go on more walks, I want to get involved with service projects, and I want to make sure to always recycle (even when it’s not convenient). I can’t wait to start making time to take care of our Earth again and for moments like this to appreciate all of its natural beauty.

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