| The Lost Post From NYFW |

| The Lost Post From NYFW |

NYFW: The event that every so called fashion lover and style fanatic wants to be apart of.

I must admit, I am one of those people. Like most, it has always been a dream of mine to attend New York Fashion Week. I can’t pin point the exact moment that it happened for me, but somewhere down the line, I got it in my head that making it to NYFW was the ultimate goal. The grand prize. Well friends, I can officially say that I have been living in NYC for three of them, but have yet to actually attend one. To be fair, I have had some pretty good excuses. The first one took place during our wedding week. The second one took place during our Honey Moon to Mexico. And the third one…well the third one, I was invited to a bunch of shows, but was honestly TOO BUSY with work to pick up in the middle of the day and attend one. Some of us still have to make money, honey. It ain’t easy out here livin’ in the city!

But wether I got to attend NYFW or not…I still enjoyed taking part in dressing like I was. I like to get dressed up regardless of what’s happening in the city, but NYFW gives me an excuse to push my boundaries a little. On this day I decided to make use of a summer piece in a unique way even though the temperatures were starting to drop. I love figuring out ways to incorporate all of the pieces from my wardrobe no matter what season they may be “appropriate” for. Here I decided to layer one of my summer crop tops over a floral printed shift dress. The contrast between the brightly patterned Who What Wear dress from Target was so beautiful against the solid black accents. I even added some OTK boots to make the whole look feel a bit more edgy.

It’s kind of sad when photos somehow get lost in my never-ending computer files, but I think that these fashion tips are still very relevant. As the weather steers us into the cooler months ahead, I’m not planning to ditch my favorite summer pieces. Instead, I am coming up with creative ways to layer these pieces, which makes this whole fashion thing a heck of a lot more fun!

xo, Jordie

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