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Give me warmth. Give me spring. Give me sun.

Spring will officially be here in just a few weeks, and our Minnesota weather is finally starting to show it! Today as I dressed to go run some errands, I originally bundled up in some jeans, a sweater, and a cozy winter jacket. When I stepped outside and looked up at the cloudy sky I was just waiting for that cold Minnesota breeze to bite at my face. After a few seconds passed by, I realized that the cool feeling never hit. Instead, my body was covered with a warmth I hadn’t felt in months. The air actually felt balmy. It felt like a warm spring day right before a thunderstorm was about to roll in. I was literally in a state of shock. I remember hearing that warmer weather was around the corner, but I completely forgot what “warm weather” felt like. And boy, did it feel good.

I immediately ran inside and threw on something a little more weather appropriate. I have been dying to wear skirts without tights, opened toes shoes, and tops without having to layer them with a jacket. All three of those wishes were granted today. I found myself gravitating towards this bright mustard skirt. The color reminded me of the warm sun in the spring. I paired it with a heavy duty denim top and some blue suede shoes. The denim top made the statement faux leather skirt a little less dressy and the blue suede sandals added to all of the fun textures going on. Now that I have lightened up my clothes, I might have to let go of my berry lips and dark red polish.

I have been in a bit of a fashion rut lately, but the possibility of warmer weather has really started to inspire me. I can’t wait to pull out the spring and summer pieces in my closet that have been collecting dust the last few months. I am ready for less layers, brighter colors, and flowy silhouettes…and I can’t wait for the spring weather to give me some sun :)

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