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Hello friends! Welcome to my newest series “Five to Try” where I show you the pieces that I am currently crushing on. As a part of my job, I am constantly searching for new pieces to feature in articles and segments for people across America. During these searches I ALWAYS find things that I am just dying to try myself. Everything pictured below are items that I have been eyeing in all of my favorite shops for some time now. My picks really have no rhyme or reason – I just wanted to open you up to options that you might not be able to find on your own. Each week I will give you various pieces to possibly try out for yourself – all things ranging in different sizes, colors, silhouettes, and prices. Who knows, you might even see me rocking a few of these in later posts :)

Go get your shop on girl – I hope you enjoy!

ASOS Mini Rara Skirt: The first time I saw this skirt was on Andrea Pion’s Instagram here. The thing that grabbed my attention was the beautiful sunset-yellow tone – it is so rich, beautiful, and absolutely show stopping. The color combined with the feminine ruffles immediately made me swoon (the view of the city that she took the picture in may have helped as well haha).

ZARA Velvet High Heel Sandals with Pearl Appliqué: Lately, I have been all about pearls. My sister bought me my first real pair of pearl earrings years ago for my college graduation and I have been wearing them non-stop these last few months. Pearls are not only fun, but they are also classy. I am obsessed with how brands are pushing the boundaries by decorating uncommon pieces with them such as jeans and these amazing velvet sandals!

ZARA Floral Jumpsuit: I mean, COME ON! Just look at the floral print. I know – florals for Spring? Groundbreaking haha. But seriously, I am so love with the cut and pattern of this jumpsuit. I like how the floral print is more graphic – it gives it a edgy and pop-art-like feel instead of being super feminine like most floral prints. The open back, halter top style, and flowy fabric would also be perfect for the warmer months that are quickly approaching. It all just seems so easy and breezy. I mean, what more could you ask for!?

J.CREW Pineapple Earrings: I don’t have a lot to say here besides the fact that these may be the absolute cutest earrings I have ever seen. I have never been one to wear jewelry, but I have been opening myself up to statement earrings lately. Little by little I am adding some fun new earrings in to my accessories and I think that these little cuties might be next :)

H&M Embroidered Dress: Mint. Lace. Scallops. I AM SOLD! I can just imagine slipping in to this dress and feeling so beautiful and angelic. The detailing is absolutely stunning and the price tag makes everything about this even better!

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