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New York fashion – it is such a beautiful thing.

Honestly, that is what I was most excited about when I first found out that I would be moving to Manhattan. All I could imagine in my head was being able to dress up like Carrie Bradshaw everyday without having anyone judge me as I walked down the street. I have always had a passion for experimenting with style, but I felt like I never lived in a city that could accept or admire it. It was so refreshing to step outside for the first time and be completely comfortable with myself and what I was wearing. I mean, I was always confident enough to wear what I wanted in other cities, but it did bug me when others would constantly ask, “what are you wearing!?!?” At least the joke was usually on them when a few months down the line my outfit inspirations became the new hip thing that everyone had to get their hands on! That’s the perk of being able to study fashion trends – having the ability to forecast what the next big thing will be. People may look at you like you’re crazy when they see it for the first time, but I know in the back of my head that they will be reaching for the same pieces soon enough.

Even though I still like to tap in to my quirky fashion sense, I feel like my personal style has evolved quite a bit since moving to NYC. Contrary to popular belief, true New Yorkers don’t actually run around in fabulous Carrie-Bradshaw-inspired outfits all day (unless it’s NY Fashion Week). They tend to steer more towards a minimalistic look. I swear that the real way to pick out a true New Yorker is being able to spot whomever can make the basic jeans and a t-shirt look the coolest. It’s taking simple pieces such as that, using the art of mixing and matching, and pure confidence that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. To be honest, what a fashionable New Yorker wears is about 20% clothing and 110% confidence.

Once I got a small glimpse in to the workings of New York fashion, I started to realize that I needed to begin wearing the clothes and try not to let the clothes wear me. This skill just so happens to be easier to learn when working with beautifully basic, minimal, and structured pieces. By basing a majority of your wardrobe on these principals, it opens up a whole different level of possibilities. Simple and structured pieces are timeless. Yes, that seems so self explanatory, but it is a completely new way of thinking for a girl like me who use to fill her closet up with the newest trends to hit the runways season after season. I have slowly been weeding out the pieces in my wardrobe that are merely “one hit wonders” and instead filling it with classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Of course I still like to add a little pizzaz every once in awhile, but having a more clean cut wardrobe makes it easy to tone down the fashion forward pieces.

For this look I combined a few of my favorite clothing items at the moment. All of these pieces are extremely simple, effortlessly chic, and have a very classic shape to them. I added a little bit of my bright personality by purchasing them in vibrant colors opposed to all neutrals. Yes the sweater, trousers, and booties are fabulous, but the real star of this show is definitely the pink coat. I mean, COME ON! I fell in love with it almost instantly and I think that it is a love that will last forever and ever. Surprisingly, it goes with just about everything and I am constantly getting compliments on how beautiful the color is. I promise that you will be seeing a lot more of this coat in my posts, along with my ever-changing sense of style :)


Sweater. Jacket. Trousers. Booties.


Foundation. Lips (GUMBALL). Mascara.

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2 thoughts on “| Dressed Like A New Yorker |

  1. Great post, and I love the outfit! Before we left on our journey, I did a little reading up on creating a capsule wardrobe, and tried to implement the ideas as I parked down my wardrobe. It’s not easy!!!

    The photos you post are beautiful. Who does your photos for you?

    1. Thank you so much, Karen :) And I agree – it is a challenge! Especially since it is something you have to slowly work towards. It’s not exactly something that you can just fix over night. I also have a hard time letting go of old things because I feel like I am a bit of a clothing hoarder haha. But my photos are a mix of me taking photos with a self timer and my husband taking photos for me. In this post he did all the picture taking and he did such a great job. I prefer when he takes them, but I don’t think he enjoys taking them as much as I enjoy creating them haha!

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