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Another weekend has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

Though I feel that these weekends never seem to be long enough, it excites me to know that the faster they go, the sooner the day will come that I get to marry the love of my life. We keep on telling ourselves that “this weekend is going to be a lazy weekend” but somehow we always find new adventures to fill up our time. This time our adventurous hearts took us to Coney Island.

Our day was full of sunshine, the ocean breeze, endless amounts of good (and extremely unhealthy) food, and lots of fun carnival rides. The highlight for me was finally getting my hands on one of Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs. This year they are celebrating their 100th year anniversary of the very first hotdog – and the world’s most famous hotdog! I knew it was a place after my own heart when I saw that they had a hotdog slathered in nacho cheese on their menu. Along with that, I finally got the funnel cake that I have been craving FOR MONTHS! The only thing that made these two things even better was sharing them with my handsome man as we walked hand in hand down the beachside boardwalk.

I’m not going to lie, the heat in New York has almost been too hot to handle lately. I wasn’t quite sure what I should wear on this day trip that would keep me comfortable all day. To my surprise, this cute little romper from H&M did just the trick. Not only did the strapless top make for the perfect tan lines, but the fabric was extremely light and breezy. It almost felt like I wasn’t wearing anything all day…which is kind of the perfect thing when you are all hot and sticky from the humid weather.

The weekend may have gone by fast, but as usual, it was a weekend well spent. Sometimes I feel like I need that “lazy weekend” to recharge but I just can’t say no to exploring this beautiful city with my best friend. I sure can’t wait to call him my husband, but I am trying to soak up every last memory I can as him being my fiancé :)



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