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While I was attending college, I found an unlikely friendship in the building service worker that took care of our residence hall. He was the sweetest and kindest little old man that I have ever met. Almost every morning that I was rushing out the door to get to class (because I am consistently late for everything that I do), he would hold the door open, greet me with a warm smile, and stop me to have a little chat. Though I would usually not have the time to stop and talk for a few minutes, I never cut him off because I could tell that it made his day that someone took the time to stop and listen. And most of the time, his silly little stories or advice made my day too. During the freezing winter months, most of our conversations had to do with the chilly temperatures or getting the much-dreaded cold. The thing that I remember most about John is that he always gave the same advice to cure these “winter side effects” – and that was to just take a swig of Whiskey. He always said that it would warm you right up, make you feel wide-awake, and cure and type of cold that Old Man Winter would try to throw at you. Since I’m not much of a Whiskey fan, I decided to turn towards cozy scarfs to fend off the cold winter winds and the sickness that they would bring instead. My go-to scarf that never failed to do this is the one that I am wearing in these photos. Coincidently, it just so happens that a gal made it from the Midwest whose little company’s name is WoolandWhiskey. How fitting, right? My beloved burgundy scarf was given to me by my sister last Christmas, and it has been my all time favorite scarf ever since. I have been itching to buy another one (or three) for some time now because I just can’t get enough! They are so well made, so cozy, and would make a perfect gift for the holidays – especially if you are living in a chilly state like Minnesota or Colorado! Make sure to check out her shop here. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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