| Dressed Like A New Yorker |

New York fashion – it is such a beautiful thing.

Honestly, that is what I was most excited about when I first found out that I would be moving to Manhattan. All I could imagine in my head was being able to dress up like Carrie Bradshaw everyday without having anyone judge me as I walked down the street. I have always had a passion for experimenting with style, but I felt like I never lived in a city that could accept or admire it. It was so refreshing to step outside for the first time and be completely comfortable with myself and what I was wearing. I mean, I was always confident enough to wear what I wanted in other cities, but it did bug me when others would constantly ask, “what are you wearing!?!?” At least the joke was usually on them when a few months down the line my outfit inspirations became the new hip thing that everyone had to get their hands on! That’s the perk of being able to study fashion trends – having the ability to forecast what the next big thing will be. People may look at you like you’re crazy when they see it for the first time, but I know in the back of my head that they will be reaching for the same pieces soon enough.

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February. The month of love.

It’s always funny to me to see what this specific month seems to do to people. It creates such a huge divide between the ones who choose to celebrate love and the ones who get all down-in-the-dumps because they don’t think that they have it. Well I am here to bring you some good news – we all have love – and that’s something worth celebrating.

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| Oh, Christmas Tree |

Fresh Cut

Christmas in New York.

Oh, how sweet that sounds. I have been counting down the days for December to hit so it would be socially acceptable to start getting in to the holiday spirit. I have never been in the Big Apple during the holidays, but I already know that I’m going to love it. The city is buzzing with joy and almost every street corner is covered in twinkling lights and holiday decor! Where ever I go, I literally feel like I’m walking through a Lifetime Holiday movie set.

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| NYE Look Book In Lulu’s |

NYE Look Book

Tonight we ring in the new year and for some reason or another we all want to look good while doing it! New Year’s Eve has always been an excuse to get dolled up. Some of us have even been on the hunt for the perfect outfit for weeks…maybe even months now. Settling on the perfect outfit for your big NYE bash can sometimes be stressful, so I decided to give a little bit of inspiration with a NYE look book in Lulu’s dresses. I recently discovered Lulu’s online and I have since fallen in love. I am especially fond of their dress selections – they are absolutely perfect when looking for a style that will really make you stand out in a crowd. Their dresses are unique, reasonably priced, and they fit like a glove (which is hard to find sometimes as a very petite lady)! I have styled an outfit for almost every type of NYE event – something sophisticated, sweet, and sultry. The only thing I left out was a comfortable pajama set for all of you ladies staying inside, watching Netflix, and washing down pizza with some champagne (aka me). So without further ado, I give you some NYE outfit inspiration!!!

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| Love Is In The Air |


This past Monday marked mine and Zach’s 3 year anniversary. How fitting is it that it lands in the month or love!? Not only do we get our own special day, but we also get to continue the celebration of what we have found together just a few weeks later on Valentines Day. This is the first year since we have been dating that we have actually gotten to spend our anniversary together. I guess that’s what you get when the majority of your relationship has been long distance. We even got to extend our celebration through the weekend (well, our Tuesday-Wednesday weekend)! It included waking up to flowers, lovely cards to one another, a couples massage, and a trip to the amazingly delicious Melting Pot (which has kind of become a tradition of ours). And just a little secret from me to all of you – the Yin & Yang martini there is the best drink you will ever have. You can go during happy hour at any location and get two-for-one. You can thank me later ;)

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