| Monthly Beauty Buys: Cranberries & Chocolate |

Cranberries & Chocolate

Okay. Where did February go?

We even got an extra day added in to this month and it still flew on by! Well, with another month comes a few more beauty products that have been added to my ever-growing collection. This month’s beauty buys happened to have a little theme going on, too – cranberries & chocolate.

I don’t know about you beauties, but those are two of my favorite things. I use to think that cranberries & chocolate were only for eating, but they have quickly become some of my favorite things to wear on my face as well. No, I’m not talking about smearing those delicious goodies all over your face. I’m talking about all of the amazing makeup colors that are popping up in the richest cranberries and warmest chocolates.

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| My Holy Grail Beauty Products |

Okay ladies, here it is – all of the beauty and skin care products that I don’t think I could ever live without. Sometimes even more so than my fashion, I am asked what products I use to get my skin and makeup to look so flawless. Well, here they are! Painstakingly listed one by one with descriptions of what they do and my personal thoughts on them. I am the kind of girl who finds something she likes, and then uses it forever…or at least until the product is discontinued (which has actually happened to me far too many times). I am warning you now that there is a lot of content in this post, but I am just giving you all what you want! I hope that these explanation and pictures are helpful, and that you might try one or two of these products because they are definitely LIFE CHANGING!

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