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I love going on adventures. Especially to places I’ve never been.

This weekend I set out on a mission. I had been wanting to visit the Brooklyn Bridge for some time since moving to the city, but I never really made the time to actually do it. Since my anniversary of becoming an official New Yorker is quickly approaching, I decided that I had to finally make the time to go see it. Only then would I feel like I accomplished almost everything I wanted to after living in New York City for a whole year.

I was so committed that I woke up at 5:30am, got ready, ate breakfast, and dragged my husband out of the apartment to get to the Brooklyn Bridge before all of the tourists did. It was almost scary walking out in to the city that early on a Sunday morning. It was so quiet. And trust me, that is a very unusual word to use when describing NYC. The sun was shining bright and the weather was absolutely perfect as we hopped on a 45 minute train ride down towards the bottom of the island. It was a little bit of a hike to get there but it was oh-so-worth-it. We (almost) had the bridge to ourselves and walked the length of it twice to take in all of its beauty before grabbing a few photos. It was absolutely stunning.

For this little outing, I decided to go fairly casual (aside from the bright red lipstick). I pulled off wearing a head-to-toe denim look in a fresh new way by mixing up the coloring of my denim! These grey jeans are so amazing and the color acts as the perfect light neutral for the Spring. The same goes for this white denim jacket! You never know how much you need a white denim jacket in your wardrobe until you actually have one…it has been a huge game changer. I feel like a crisp white  jacket can make any outfit look instantly more polished and feminine. I also had to throw on my NY Yankees tee (don’t worry guys, I’m not a “fan”) and my cute new sneakers to complete my sporty look. As for the bag, it wasn’t necessarily part of my outfit, but it did happen to match. Believe it or not, this is actually my camera bag (I just wanted to be a good wife and didn’t want to embarrass my husband by having him wear it while he took pictures) haha.

All in all, it was the perfect Sunday morning. I already can’t wait until we make another trip down there. Next time I told Zach I might even gear up and actually try “running” the length of the bridge a few times for an early morning work out. I’ll keep you updated on if I ever truly keep that promise!

xo, Jordie

S H O P  M Y  L O O K

Jacket. Jeans. Shirt. Shoes. Camera Bag. Lipstick.

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2 thoughts on “| Brooklyn Bridge |

  1. I love this post and that white denim jacket is way cute! You’re making me want to pack up and move to NYC and I don’t think my boyfriend would go for that ;)

    1. Thanks, girl. And YES – come to NYC! I need some more girlfriends here and there are SO MANY fun things to do :P

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