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Our best friends are the clothes that always stay with us. They are the ones that are there when we need them most – whatever the situation may be. Our bodies may develop and change, fashion may shift and evolve, and our confidence may waiver, but we can always count on those articles of clothing that make us feel like we are on top of the world.

When it comes to best friends, some have more and some have less. I tend to be one of those girls who prefers quality over quantity, and the same goes for the best friends that I have in my wardrobe. These are the pieces that I always turn to in any time of doubt. They always look flawless, the always make a statement, they reflect who I am, and they make me feel like a million bucks. Some may have been around for years, while others were just recently added, but one thing is for sure – they all hold a special place in my heart.


When it comes to my best friends in clothing, I would say that my #1 girl would have to be my floral jacket from Anthropologie. Not only does this jacket have a truly “meant to be” back story about how it got in to my hands, but I also think it portrays who I am as a person. It is colorful, bright, unique, full of life, and it makes people smile. EVERY time I wear this jacket, I get endless compliments. People are always asking where it’s from, if it’s vintage, and they can’t get over how stunningly unique and beautiful it is.

I first saw this jacket while shopping at a local Anthropologie store. My sister pointed it out to me and said how she wished she could get it for me because she knew how much I’d love it, but unfortunately it was too much (and there was only one left and it was waaaay too big). The second I saw the jacket, I fell head over heals. Once I got back to my dorm room, I immediately searched the web – doing anything in my power to find my size. After much searching, I finally found it, but there was only one more left in my size. I quickly email my parents – begging them for the jacket – even if it was my one and only Chirstmas gift that year. When I woke up in the morning, my Dad said that he went to purchase the jacket, but the last one in my size was already gone. I was devastated. I just knew that that jacket was meant to be mine. Weeks passed, and eventually Christmas had arrived. For the first time, I drove out to Colorado with my family to spend Christmas with my boyfriends family. While opening Chirstmas gifts, it was my turn to open the gift that my Boyfriends Mom had gotten me (a fellow fashionista!), and to my surprise, it was THE JACKET!!! Somehow, she had been the one who snatched the last one up in my size that night I went searching for it. Everything came full circle, and in the end, I had my new best friend.



This jacket has also traveled with me around the world. It helped me to stand out while shopping at all of the chic designer stores in Paris, France. It kept me warm through the chilly (and damp) streets of London, England.  And it even gave the city of Florence, Italy a run for its money while posing up on a hilltop.

Travel Jacket

While scouring the streets of London, a friend and I were even stopped and asked to pose for a London street style magazine (and made it in!).

London Street Style Photo

This jacket is by far one of the pieces of clothing that I hold dearest to my heart. It has been with me through some life-changing adventures, and it never fails to make me feel like the confidant woman that I know I am. I believe that every person should have a piece like that in their wardrobe – whether it be a killer pair of heels, or maybe a beautiful pearl necklace that was handed down by their Grandmother. We all need those best friends that make us shine from within and help to show our best selves to the world.

Back Green Grass Floral

Buttons Happy

Maybe you have a best friend in your wardrobe too – I would love to hear what they may be! Post your favorite article(s) of clothing on my Facebook page here or tag me in one of you photos on Instagram (username: @pastaandpearls) with the hashtag #mybestfriend. I look forward to hearing from you all!